All About Durians

Grower of Choice Durians

The durian has got to be the most delicious fruit in the world.

This is probably the predominant thought that most, if not all, South East Asians have about this wonderfully aromatic God creation aptly named “King of the Fruits”.

One may not realise this but there are actually many subtleties with regards to the taste of the fruit. Those who are more familiar with the durian will be able to identify the myriad of flavours which range from sweet with a hint of bitter to mostly bitter with a dash of milk and cream.

There are a great number of varieties of durians, each with their own diehard fans.

Our Farm, Our Story

Our Green Farm

We are Singaporeans who grow durians using organic farming methods non – commercially. We do not use any harmful chemicals, weed killers and pesticides on our farm.

The high quality of our fruits are a result of 20 years of hard work, dedication and passion.


There are usually two fruiting seasons within a year – the first or last quarter of the year, a smaller harvest as well as mid-year, the main harvest.

Our organic durians are not sold in the market and strictly not offered to traders or suppliers. They are of limited supply and fresh from the farm daily during the harvest.

My Story, Our Dream

When I was expecting my first child, I suffered from bad nausea and threw up most of the food consumed throughout my pregnancy.

The consolation was that I only craved for durians which then became an important diet for me.

Kind words for us

We felt obligated to return the favor of your wonderful DURIANS by proposing marketing names for this extra-ordinary product which we have just enjoyed:

1 Demure 17
2 King of Cat Mountain
3 Red Neptune
4 Danger 101
5 Delux 24.

May, Kenneth, Jac & Sim

Mao San Wang is fantastic and D17 is real creamy. Very good.


Mrs Khoo, the durians are very good. Tks for putting me on your waitlist. It’s worth waiting. I don’t mind another round of waiting but only if others are given a chance.


After last nite struggles, I must say the mao san were good.. sweet and bitter.. 2 other were very difficult to open and 1 was impossible to open so just chop into half.. hahaha. With my limited skills.. got pricked 3 times.. so need more practice and equipment. Overall, Mao San were the best. Thanks again.



You can contact us by SMS/WhatsApp at +6598347626 or email to place your orders (Singapore only). We will then arrange and confirm your collection on the scheduled day when fruits are available.

We do not entertain enquiries from traders or suppliers.

You are welcome to give us your feedback at


The flesh of fruit is to be boxed and refrigerated if not being consumed immediately.

Observe hygiene and handle the fruits with spoon and knife instead of our own hands. Do not cover up the box when sending the fruits into the fridge.

Let the fruits and container completely turn cold before covering it to avoid massive condensation of the warm air that trapped within the box that will in turn wet the fruits.


We have cultivated a large variety of durians on our farm, the more popular ones being: Mao Shan Wang, D17, Ang Hae and D101.

Apart from these, we also have other varieties such as 'Jin Feng' 金凤, 'Jiang Hai' 江海, 'Mao Yan' 猫眼, 'Zhu Jiao' 竹脚, 'Tai Yuan' 太源, D24, D88, etc.

We will post updates on the 'Harvest of the Day' on our Facebook page.