Our Green Farm

We are now blessed with a team of dedicated workforce and a network of experienced growers from this part of the world who regularly visit one another to share research findings and experiences.

We take pride in the use of fruit/plant enzymes to replace the harmful pesticides/chemicals and the adoption of labor intensive grass-cutting routines instead of endlessly treating the ground with weed-killers.

More so, we are selective in the choice of fertilizers. We prefer to apply the high-end organic fertilizers from Germany due to the stringent quality control of their products.

Staying focused is key to a successful transformation of our Garden of Choice Durians. It is not uncommon to see butterflies in the day and fireflies in the night which signifies a green and clean environment. We are therefore confident of a great harvest of more super premium species in the years to come.

Photos of our farm

Our private durian farm in Johor


Mao Shan Wang tree and its fruit


Plantation staff painstakingly cutting fruits in large quantity to prepare enzymes as a replacement for harmful pesticides, insecticides & fungicides.

Fermentation takes months before the enzymes are ready for use.

Weed killers are banned in our plantation.

On-Going grass-cutting routine is extremely labour intensive. It’s nevertheless the most basic way to keep the soil good & healthy.

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You can contact us by SMS/WhatsApp at +6598347626 or email allaboutdurians@yahoo.com.sg to place your orders (Singapore only). We will then arrange and confirm your collection on the scheduled day when fruits are available.

We do not entertain enquiries from traders or suppliers.

You are welcome to give us your feedback at allaboutdurians@yahoo.com.sg


The flesh of fruit is to be boxed and refrigerated if not being consumed immediately.

Observe hygiene and handle the fruits with spoon and knife instead of our own hands. Do not cover up the box when sending the fruits into the fridge.

Let the fruits and container completely turn cold before covering it to avoid massive condensation of the warm air that trapped within the box that will in turn wet the fruits.


We have cultivated a large variety of durians on our farm, the more popular ones being: Mao Shan Wang, D17, Ang Hae and D101.

Apart from these, we also have other varieties such as 'Jin Feng' 金凤, 'Jiang Hai' 江海, 'Mao Yan' 猫眼, 'Zhu Jiao' 竹脚, 'Tai Yuan' 太源, D24, D88, etc.

We will post updates on the 'Harvest of the Day' on our Facebook page.