The Quality of our Fruit

Durian trees are a long-term crop. It takes more than 7 to 8 years to mature and to bear reasonably good fruits. The quality of fruits is expected to improve as the trees age. It is therefore important to be able to identify and grow the right species of plants from the very start otherwise there would be a dreadful exhaustion of resources, time and energy as we have painfully gone through.

Through years of hard work and sacrifices in reinventing and upgrading the farm, we chopped down thousands of cempedak and longkong trees to make way for the durian plants as it is critical to have wide open spaces for durian trees to spread freely and grow well.

This is the luxury that most farms could not afford as it results in lesser number of durian trees to bear fruits.

Like any agricultural produce, apart from the species itself, the weather, rain fall, sunlight, soil and ground conditions, personal care and attention contribute to the overall health of the plants which dictate the quality of the fruits. Harmful chemicals, pesticides and weed-killers are not only detriment to the quality of fruits, they harden the ground and weaken the trees over time.

Good and fertile organic soil on the other hand, produces excellent durians enriched with micro-nutrients, amino acids, essential minerals, vitamins, etc., which often manifest in a very dark-coloured flesh. So do not be alarmed if you happen to come across our durians in dark greenish or greyish flesh.

You will know they are so heavenly and would remember that exquisite taste for a long time. At the end of the day, regardless of the process or what is being done, it is still the superior quality of the fruits that matters.


Scenery of our green farm

Scenery of our green farm

The general perception is that durian is a fruit too “heaty” and rich.

People may fall ill or have a sore throat after taking the fruits.

Now that we have grown and cultivated our own durians for more than 20 years and have been eating our own fruits day in and day out during each harvest, we firmly believe that the “heaty” effect of durian is a misconception.

Just think about it, durian is basically a nutritious fruit so rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, dietary fibre, etc. Many people with certain medical condition can also enjoy it in moderation.

Sickness and sore throat, if any, arising from consuming the fruits are possibly due to:

  1. Harmful chemicals, stimulants, pesticides, insecticides, etc.

    From a commercial point of view, such chemicals are essential to protect the fruits from pests, germs, diseases and insects to boost a bigger harvest and profit.

    It is also the industry practice for durian growers to invite bidders for the entire harvest at a price upon sighting the flower buds on the trees.

    The successful bidder will take possession and “care for” the plantation throughout the fruiting season. This is the time when strong pesticides and stimulants are ‘lavished’ on the trees to try to ‘squeeze out’ as big a harvest as possible as they have no concern of the health or conditions of the trees and the land which they do not own.


  2. Contamination

    Contamination of the fruit by virus and germs when it is left exposed in the air for an unknown period of time is a real concern when the fruits are not eaten fresh from the fruits.

    Unlike Thai durians which are cut and removed from trees before they fully ripen, local or Malaysia durians are more perishable and they are best eaten within the same day of harvest.

    The fruits should be opened and eaten as fresh as possible for our best enjoyment in terms of texture, taste and smell. Preferably, the whole fruit should not be kept overnight as its quality will be compromised.

More Information


You can contact us by SMS/WhatsApp at +6598347626 or email to place your orders (Singapore only). We will then arrange and confirm your collection on the scheduled day when fruits are available.

We do not entertain enquiries from traders or suppliers.

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The flesh of fruit is to be boxed and refrigerated if not being consumed immediately.

Observe hygiene and handle the fruits with spoon and knife instead of our own hands. Do not cover up the box when sending the fruits into the fridge.

Let the fruits and container completely turn cold before covering it to avoid massive condensation of the warm air that trapped within the box that will in turn wet the fruits.


We have cultivated a large variety of durians on our farm, the more popular ones being: Mao Shan Wang, D17, Ang Hae and D101.

Apart from these, we also have other varieties such as 'Jin Feng' 金凤, 'Jiang Hai' 江海, 'Mao Yan' 猫眼, 'Zhu Jiao' 竹脚, 'Tai Yuan' 太源, D24, D88, etc.

We will post updates on the 'Harvest of the Day' on our Facebook page.