Our species of Branded Durian

Kun Yu 坤玉 / Mao Shan Wang 猫山王

Yellowish, small seed, rich, thick & creamy. Bitterly sweet in taste. Little fibre, firm & smooth.

Hong Xia 红霞 or Ang Hae 红虾

Tones of pinkish yellow & slightly greyish or sometimes even in dark grey color. Excellent quality.

Thick succulent flesh with small seeds. Sweet with a hint of bitterness. Much less fibre than the other species.

With a light, smooth, soft and moist texture, it literally melts in the mouth!

Ho Lor 葫芦

Yellowish flesh; sweet & rich flavor. Sticky & thick creamy flesh. Little fibre and small seeds.


This is the star and the most difficult to open even fully ripe. Whitish rich & creamy.

Bitter in taste with a hint of sweetness and a strong lingering fragrance.

D13 & D10

Light yellow to whitish, rich & creamy. Uniquely bitter.


Bright orange-yellow in color. Sweet, rich & creamy. Thick flesh with small seeds. Easy to open and always a popular choice.

More Information


You can contact us by SMS/WhatsApp at +6598347626 or email allaboutdurians@yahoo.com.sg to place your orders (Singapore only). We will then arrange and confirm your collection on the scheduled day when fruits are available.

We do not entertain enquiries from traders or suppliers.

You are welcome to give us your feedback at allaboutdurians@yahoo.com.sg


The flesh of fruit is to be boxed and refrigerated if not being consumed immediately.

Observe hygiene and handle the fruits with spoon and knife instead of our own hands. Do not cover up the box when sending the fruits into the fridge.

Let the fruits and container completely turn cold before covering it to avoid massive condensation of the warm air that trapped within the box that will in turn wet the fruits.


We have cultivated a large variety of durians on our farm, the more popular ones being: Mao Shan Wang, D17, Ang Hae and D101.

Apart from these, we also have other varieties such as 'Jin Feng' 金凤, 'Jiang Hai' 江海, 'Mao Yan' 猫眼, 'Zhu Jiao' 竹脚, 'Tai Yuan' 太源, D24, D88, etc.

We will post updates on the 'Harvest of the Day' on our Facebook page.